hello! Here is an ! I can’t remember ever using a hashtag in my life so please excuse this potentially rickety first (& maybe only) attempt. 🙈 I am a & frequent of said & occasional of non-poetry. Some of my main joys include: poems & wordplay & live performance & creative collaborations & immense effort for a small audience. I also run an org called Project VOICE w fellow-poet Phil Kaye that’s dedicated to bringing poetry into education spaces.


Welcome! It's so nice to see you & I hope you enjoy your time here! 👋 😃

@kaysarahsera Welcome! 😁
I hope this space is a worthwhile exploration, since it’s not the same.
May your poems flow as freely across servers as your voice through air.

@kaysarahsera glad to find you, from the little I've seen there's so much room for poems here, and an audience hungry for beautiful words and thoughts.

@kaysarahsera Enjoy!

One thing I picked up on here is the hashtag protocol.

It seems that you should only put them at the end of the post and capitalize. Also photos should always have ‘alt text’.

Both these make it easier for screen readers which are used by the partially sighted. Sensible!

#PartiallySighted #ScreenReader #Hashtag

@kaysarahsera hey Sarah🌟
Glad you're here
From what i understand, it's important to include hashtags in case you want your toot (yes that's what they're called here 🐘) to reach people who don't follow you or are not in your server.

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