read through the Advent of Code day 9 and I think we're at this year's cutoff where I don't try to do them at midnight any more

benewah dairy milk bottle, post & garland, spokane, washington, 2003

every time I read a Semafor article and I get to the part where the reporter gives their view, I get sad they don't use the anagrammy section header "As For Me"

if you're jonesing after skipping The Daily podcast today to support the NYT Guild, you can call me and I can go "hmm!" and "huh!" at you

fell apart in the back half of tonight's Advent of Code. some days you're the windshield some days you're the bug

not going to play with NYT words tomorrow, obviously. union strong!

very excited that i've apparently graduated from "git isn't working and i don't understand why" to "git is working and i don't understand why"

Just shipped a quick maintenance release to xword-dl, my command line tool for downloading crossword puzzle files from online solvers. If you're having issues downloading from AmuseLabs sources, update now!

I just found out my laundromat is closing. It's hard to have much emotional attachment to a laundromat, but I so distinctly remember reading this charming New York Times slice-of-life story about it years before ever moving here.

Wordplay challenge: What TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM is an anagram for the NEW NETFLIX SHOW "1899"?

that seems hard to teach! but underscores for me the importance of reading other people's code, which I do more and more of

also other people's writing, if that's the kind of fluency you want to improve!

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It reminds me of learning a spoken language and getting frustrated that literal translation is not always really available. With more fluency you translate meaning at a different level of abstraction

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My coding project this weekend touched on some of the earliest code I'd ever written, and looking it over: it's astonishing how much a certain class of problems just go away when you learn not to work against the intentions of the language. I had a lot of problems in that early project with lists (shallow vs deep copying etc) that sure I understand better, but also I would just subconsciously structure things to not run against those issues now

carabou avocados, painted by royal charles steadman, 1917

I would've guessed I'd be over the excitement of asking a computer to do something a thousand times and then watching it just do it, but nope!

If you had open DMs on Twitter, you had a main inbox, a "message requests" inbox of people you don't follow, and then if you scroll all the way to the bottom of those messages, a hidden link to a secret third inbox of likely spam or scams

I heard about this last year and sought mine out, and the top message in my secret inbox #3 was a dm from Taibbi — our only contact lol

I'm ready to grow my instance but TBH I've found I don't really know how. Marketing has always been a weak point of mine.

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