Strong recommend for setting up a filter on the string "", which is overwhelmingly cross-posted garbage

@xor i had a filter set up for "RT" cause it was way too spammy but i think i might set up one for now that most people* are (or should be) posting directly on here

is a mighty shame most people dont enable app display so i cant just filter them directly

@xor Funnily enough, setting that up filters this toot lol

@tedivm @xor I have, and yet they don’t apply in the official Android app.

@cassidyjames @xor That's interesting, I had assumed the filtering would occur server side rather than client side (but I don't know a lot about the technicals here yet)

@tedivm @xor it’s client-side so it can show the filter reason if you choose.

@cassidyjames @xor @tedivm use Tusky instead. I’ve heard from other Android users that it’s much better. It might have the filter option

@mattl either click through your Preferences (in the web app) or append /filters to your URL. one warning: only some apps respect those filters and I believe the main app does not

@xor @mattl the main app (iOS) does show something is filtered but you can’t view the content with a click as you can on the mobile web.

It also doesn’t pull across the filter label

@xor I personally don't feel the need to automate that with a filter. I follow indiscriminately and then unfollow if it turns out they post garbage, such as cross-posted data exhaust from other platforms

@xor i just don't follow people that cross-post RTs. same result

@davidak well, depending on the odds that there's a baby under all that bathwater, but yes

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