@xor the best bit is when it really goes off the rails with the slanted top

@aceattveg @xor That sequence of them putting together the pieces absolutely terrified me as a kid and it was awesome.

@xor Since my echo dot uses computer as the wake word, I asked it to do this. Rather than return an error... it did... _something_


@xor still bugs me how something so beautiful can become so broken in the matter of seconds. Something I'll always admire about CSS is that even though it gets knocked down it still gets up again.

@xor Just imagine 3D CSS and the million different ways to center a div

@xor worth joining mastodon just to see this.

@xor the way the image text at the bottom gets cropped out on the feed makes this even funnier 😂

@xor reduces height of the table by 25% of the height of the room

@xor Would be fun if the computer just spat a saw.

@xor Well, it worked. Image was shown here reduced to 75% of its size 🤷‍♂️

Aww, wait: the entire image, not just the table. He didn't specify the target element / selector precisely enough – and the entire deck (which you see is comprised of table cells) was reduced 🤦‍♂️

Yeah, still the same problems…

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