I had looked into setting up a static response from my (personal) domain so that searching my email address on here would return my mastodon handle, but it seemed spooky. Anyway this post by @MattHodges encouraged me to just do it. Happy to report it was very smooth sailing, and it works!



imo the big asterisk on this is that it's effectively a wildcard response for email addresses at your domain. Not a problem for me (i'm the only one with a parkerhiggins.net email) but if anybody else has an email at your domain it will clobber their results

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@xor it should be possible to make a really minimal webapp that matches on the parameters to the webfinger request to return the correct response for multiple users, but it's neat that the simple static file is enough for single-user domains.

@kepstin oh totally! I think that's what webfinger is, kinda. And if you've got anything dynamic on the domain, easy peasy to add that. But yeah, this works for me

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