I wish there was some kind of bounty system I could pay into to encourage a great sandwich shop to open in my neighborhood

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@xor joe and I keep a menu from city sub on our fridge just to look at wistfully / torturously

@xor This sorta happened on the corner store near my house. At least in the sense that a young owner bought the shop and put in a nice sandwich counter. I chatted with him and was encouraging and told him the things I loved about the shop (including trying to answer his questions about what products he should stock). Had nothing to do with the shop opening in the first place and maybe not much with whether it survives though.

I hear you.

The trouble with sandwiches is they are so easy to make yourself but a shop made one is usually better because they can keep more fixings in stock.

"Wait, I don't have any tomatoes."
"What? I have to peel this onion for just one slice of it?"

Or my wife and I having different mustard preferences

@elithebearded i think that's exactly why it's a risky business to enter. i want to take some of that risk away! i will commit to being there constantly!

@xor I like to establish my regular cadence of shopping at a given liquor store then begin heavily suggesting with tobacco products they should carry, often punctuating with a "tell your boss he'd make another $50 a week...." So far no one has started carrying Camels or Zig Zags for me.

@mrmike right, there's a principal–agent problem in retail, where the counter employees don't really care about the boss making a bit more. a smart store owner would have some kind of referral or commission system in place to incentivize percolating that info up

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