you know what's a behavior that I am surprised to find myself missing, is "DM this post to $somebody"

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@xor oh wow. I never used that on Twitter. But I guess a lot of folks did.

@stefan yeah, I couldn't imagine using it at first, but then I started using it all the time. I suppose I could just tag my friend in (and that behavior was once a common IG thing I think) but it's nice not to keep it separate from the post itself

@xor I giggled, it’s true, but I wouldn’t have sent it if it had been completely devoid of meaning ;)

@xor Yes! My wife and I used that all the time. We'd send things to each other that we didn't really care about sharing with anyone but just thought the other person would appreciate. It's hard to do with Mastodon because the DM shows up for anyone included in the message.

@owlyph although: it doesn't include the author of the sent post as "mentioned," so you can still sort of kind of do it that way. In fact I just tried it, seeing how it feels.

@xor hm, maybe I spoke too fast then. I thought the closest thing was to send the link to the post as a direct message but was worried that because the link has the @... name in it, it might get sent to the original person as well.

@xor it's very easy to do it if you need to, you can just reply with only the target @ and mark it as DM/direct to not spam the main post's replies/notifications

@aismallard huh, I guess I am surprised that you can keep a message tied as a reply without including the @, but I guess that could work. (it's still kind of an annoying click-through on the receiving side: they get a notification that's just me using their @, and they have to open it to see what I'm replying to, right?)

@xor that is true yeah, I guess I don't get enough notifications where that extra click is a bother

@xor I'm confused: What is the way in which you can't just send a link and use the mentioned-only status?

(The fact that post links tend to send you out into the browser, rather than just navigating inside your instance, is a suboptimal experience, though at least tooot handles this better, I believe).

@crschmidt you can do this, but it's 3 clicks instead of 1 and the way it'll render on the other side is a bit of a question mark. not a ton of friction (especially if it's something important and not just a frivolous "this joke made me think of you!") but enough that I'm noticing it, esp for sending to people who are still a bit less comfortable on here

@crschmidt in particular, it's enough friction that i've been copying the link and just sending it through a different channel, which works but doesn't make any progress towards my secret goal of making my friends enjoy spending more time on here with me

@xor @crschmidt Interesting. I never used that feature in Twitter, but here I do it rather often: just hit reply, ctrl-a, mention the person I want to chime in, make a DM, send. Can also be done without mouse.

With closer friends I send the link on IRC or other channels of usual conversation if I don't care about them interacting with the post within the fediverse.

@xor Nod, gotcha; so not "it's impossible", just "more friction throughout". (Also, I uh... had never once realized that there was any other option in that share menu on Twitter, which tells you how much I pay attention to things ;) I've clicked it to get share links a million times! I just ignore the other options entirely, I guess ;))

@crschmidt it was a little controversial when it was added, because people thought it was a "talk behind this person's back" button. but I found myself using it! for non-nefarious purposes!

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