Really wonderful Caity Weaver story about spending supposedly insanity-inducing amounts of time in the world's quietest room

Anechoic chambers have long been a special interest of mine and I made the trek out to Orfield Labs years ago. It was interesting for sure but a much richer experience in retrospect now with the benefit of Caity's writing on it!

Ha, when I inquired about booking the tour I took of Orfield Labs in 2015, this was the email I got in response. emphasis theirs

@xor This is something I've always wanted to try. Are these rooms open to the public? Could I just book one?

@sparky_005 some are! sometimes there is a fee to visit, though I've been to plenty where you just have to call. If I can help you find one locally let me know!

@xor Thanks so much! I'll try to find one on my own but if I can't I might give you a shout :)

though if you know of any in the NY area off the top of your head (I see you're in Brooklyn in your bio) lmk!

@sparky_005 there are a few though I suspect they are probably mostly closed to the public because of the trendiness Caity mentioned. A nice small one at Cooper Union if you have some affiliation...

@sparky_005 there is one at Consumer Reports in Yonkers too, and there have been stories about visits, but I don't know anything about accessing it

@xor oh awesome, I'm up in Westchester so that's even easier for me. Ill investigate

@xor Oh no way! I kind of assumed there were none in NYC because it's so loud there generally 😂 sadly no affiliation with CU, but I might know someone who went there so maybe I can ping them. Thanks for the info!!!

@xor I worked with Steve Orfield way back when he was helping us tune an auditorium sound system in Mankato, and I was there to interested an AV control system. Steve is pretty cool.

@ironiridis he actually wasn't in the day I visited, so we didn't get a chance to meet! heard great things though

@xor I went to some company sponsored art museum in Japan years and years ago that had one. Such a cool experience.

Now to read the article where presumably this is mentioned

@xor we had an anechoic chamber at my college (the only one in NYC, so I’m told!) and a few of my friends were lab assistants or student researchers who got to work with/in/for it.

Looking back I kick myself at having passed on such a sick opportunity.

@eigenfoo you'll get another shot! but yeah, I always jump at the opportunity, it's a trip

@xor Thank you! I listened to the audio version and strongly recommend.

@liza ugh I hadn't thought about that option and now I wish I had. I'm trying to decide whether I can just take it from the top! one more time!

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