every time I read a Semafor article and I get to the part where the reporter gives their view, I get sad they don't use the anagrammy section header "As For Me"

Released a new version of xword-dl, my command-line script for scraping online crossword solvers and saving them as .puz files!

This version features ~*community contributions*~ of downloaders for Der Standard (cryptic) and the McKinsey Crossword, and a bunch of bug fixes and stuff.


i cannot tell you how validating it was to discover that the official unix utitlity "column(1)" originally shipped backwards

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Fun little fact I didn't see in any of the Queen obits I read...

Ha, when I inquired about booking the tour I took of Orfield Labs in 2015, this was the email I got in response. emphasis theirs

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one compelling change I could make to the bot over here: because the limit is based on file size and not duration, I think I could get a full song with a lower quality video. On Twitter they were capped at 2:20 (140 seconds)

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I've really crunched the video output that my 78 bot produces... do folks think this kind of quality would work as a fediverse bot?

Just shipped a new version of xword-dl, my command-line software for scraping online crosswords and saving them as .puz files. Beyond bug fixes and performance improvements, this release adds support for cryptics at The Globe And Mail, The Guardian, NYT Variety, and more. Check it out:


love to debug scraping code against "real world" websites. how... does this happen

✏️ ⬛⬜ Just shipped a complete refactor of xword-dl, my command line tool for downloading crosswords and saving them into .puz files! This update:
- fixes titles for certain New York puzzles
- restores selection-by-date for Newsday
- formally specifies a license
- and should be easier to maintain and contribute to in the future!

github.com/thisisparker/xword- or pip install xword-dl

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