read through the Advent of Code day 9 and I think we're at this year's cutoff where I don't try to do them at midnight any more

benewah dairy milk bottle, post & garland, spokane, washington, 2003

every time I read a Semafor article and I get to the part where the reporter gives their view, I get sad they don't use the anagrammy section header "As For Me"

if you're jonesing after skipping The Daily podcast today to support the NYT Guild, you can call me and I can go "hmm!" and "huh!" at you

@crschmidt I haven't yet been to the Meow Wolf installation there but it's high on my to-go list, and the other MW locations are all great

@crschmidt ooh also the neon museum is really nice, but again a reservation is ~required

fell apart in the back half of tonight's Advent of Code. some days you're the windshield some days you're the bug

not going to play with NYT words tomorrow, obviously. union strong!

@crschmidt I recommend making a (free!) appointment to see this Turrell piece. don't know what your vegas party appetite is but this is either a nice alternative or a good recovery activity

Laundry reminisce 

@eqe i loved that space! but I only ever got there much later. thank you for sharing ❤️

very excited that i've apparently graduated from "git isn't working and i don't understand why" to "git is working and i don't understand why"

Just shipped a quick maintenance release to xword-dl, my command line tool for downloading crossword puzzle files from online solvers. If you're having issues downloading from AmuseLabs sources, update now!

I just found out my laundromat is closing. It's hard to have much emotional attachment to a laundromat, but I so distinctly remember reading this charming New York Times slice-of-life story about it years before ever moving here.

@anildash I migrated many fewer followers but I would plan not to use the new account for a few hours after triggering the move. each transferred follower is treated like a "follow" event so your notifications go bananas and it can take a while to get everyone over. (If I were doing it again, I'd probably set it to go overnight)

Advent of Code - Day 5 

@legoktm I sort of wish I had taken your approach on the parsing, but alas. in the mid 5ks for me, i'll take it

@luis_in_brief incidentally, if you're interested in following the "adding not-followed people to a list" issue, it's here

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