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If nobody has specific recs on blog posts or whatever, I would also just love to look through a good example PR that you've merged or had merged! Ideally one that required a few steps of back-and-forth

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A Github repo of mine is getting non-trivial code PRs (🎉) and I haven't dealt very much with that before. I'd love to read some documentation that combines a how-to with some of the etiquette there, if anybody has any recs

NEW INSTANCE #introductions

Come apply to be a founding member of this instance and help build a place anyone in #NewJersey would want to join.

boost to help me get this instance off the ground.

early giant strawberries, painted by mary daisy arnold, 1916

wishing I could trade someone help identifying birds for help identifying rocks #geology

Swerve me? The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run.

Today is the 35th anniversary of the Max Headroom signal broadcast intrusion.

1st incident lasted 25s during the sportscast on the 9PM news on WGN-TV; The 2nd, 2hrs later, lasted ~90s on PBS affiliate WTTW during Dr. Who.


Never forget 11/22/87.

crosswords & world cup predictions 

Yesterday's USA / Wales 1-1 draw either broke or validated my quantum puzzle from last week...

twitter: your mastodon server admin reads every DM you send. they actually read them and assign a score

mastodon admins who roll their own: sorry everyone images aren't going to work for the next sixty-ninety years. what's a DM

99% of mastodon admins who are just normies who pay for shared hosting: we can't read dms. we can't even choose when to update. we can't even turn the lights off in this room

lead mastodon dev: actually they're "mentioned people only posts," hope this helps. Cheers!

a pain point for working with video is that there is a pretty long wait for processing after upload before I can post. not as big a problem for a bot (if things don't time out) but not a great experience yet

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one compelling change I could make to the bot over here: because the limit is based on file size and not duration, I think I could get a full song with a lower quality video. On Twitter they were capped at 2:20 (140 seconds)

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I've really crunched the video output that my 78 bot produces... do folks think this kind of quality would work as a fediverse bot?

poem, via screenshot + alt-text 

First attempt at sharing a poem here. Published in the Adroit Journal earlier this year. 💌


I'm Anthony Etherin and I write constraint-based poems. Like this:

VOLCANO (Palindrome)

A vale,

Its alps
a red net’s atlas;
a bared, nude summit,

Pools loop, erupt.
I’m mused —

Under a basalt
as tender as plasticine,
rise lava.


For several days now the infra that distributes the widely syndicated Universal Crossword has just been down, seemingly without any explanation? And I know I'm not the only person who cares but I also don't like the odds of locating somebody else who does

following @alexhern's lead, I've turned on automatic post deletion. I hesitated because I'm sort of a digital packrat where I can be, but I think a bit of enforced ephemerality may help set my tone here (and nudge me towards actual archival mediums where necessary!)

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